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MOSHIACH-----if he hasn't come yet...

MusicMan Posted - 16 July 2002 20:06

If Moshiach didn't come during periods of great gedolim - the turn of the century, the Gra, and others - why would Moshiach come now when we lack so much in that area?

MODERATOR Posted - 16 July 2002 20:18

There are two answers to this (which, really, if you think about them, may very well be the same).

One, that the energy generated that brings Moshiach is measured relatively, meaning, one small act in our generation has a much greater impact in Shamayim than an even greater act from a previous, greater generation.

Also, the merits needed to bring Moshiach are cumulative. Every Mitzvah we do contributes to the building of what is called the "Bais HaMikdash shel maalah" - the Bais HaMikdash in sahmayim. Each generation contributes and builds more of it. When it is completed, it will trigger the coming of Moshiach and the building of the Bais HaMikdash down here.

So the previous generations actually helped whichever generation will bring Moshiach, by doing much of the work for them already. All that is left is for some generation to come and contribute the "straw that breaks the camel's back."

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