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JEWS & NON JEWS-----non jewish holidays


What is wrong with celebrating Halloween?

Halloween is a totally idolatrous celebration, which originated as a Celtic holiday, Samhain (pronounced many different ways), named after their Avodah Zorah who was "Lord of the Dead and Prince of Darkness". We'll call him "Sammy" for short.

Sammy supposedly took the "sun god" prisoner each year during the winter. On the day before the new year, which for the Celts was November 1st, Sammy called together all the dead people for a convention. I am not kidding. The dead people would take different forms, the real evil ones taking the form of a cat.

Of course, this was all very scary to the Celts, so they had their galachim, called "druids" offer sacrifices and stuff that day.

They made a holiday out of this to honor both the sun god and Sammy, which lasted three days, where people would parade down the street in animal skins and other costumes.

But it's not finished yet.

The Romans also had a holiday which, after many centuries ended up being mixed in with Sammy day. it's called Pomona Day, named after their avodah zarah god of fruits.

But we're still not finished.

About 1,200 years ago the Roman Catholic Idol Worshippers declared November 1st a holiday, ALl Hallows Day, in honor of their saints. Later they added another day to this, Nov. 2, called "All Souls Day", in honor of dead people. The Christian idol worshippers dressed up as saints, angels and devils. They made these holidays in order to counteract Sammy's Day ("chukas pagans" is against Christianity). But instead of counteracting it, people simply celebrated both the Christian and Celtic holidays at once.

The Halloween that exists today has a mixture of the customs of Sammy's Day, Pomona Day, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day.

That's what you're celebrating on Halloween.

Are you allowed to give the kids who come to your house candy?

You should not, but to avoid any ill-feelings, just don't answer the door, as opposed to telling the kid at your door "no."

what is wrong with giving kids candy on Halloween??

Because that's part of celebrating and recognizing the holiday, which is not permitted as per my post above.

Is it proper to be indifferent toward the goyish "New Year?" (the day of Yushka's bris)

Correct. You cannot celebrate the non-Jewish New Year. It is their holiday and has nothing to do with us.

Thank You. - Is Renee correct that Yushka was not born on the 25th?

December 25th was originally a pagan holiday associated with Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice. The early Christians had this marketing technique where they would try to pass off Yushka as the fulfillment of the various legends in different pagan mythologies, thus getting those pagans to accept Yushka. To this end, they kind of "rescheduled" Yushka's b-day December 25th to coincide with this holiday, which predated Yushka by many hundreds of years.

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