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HASHKOFO-----recommended reading

Strengthen your Hashkofos. The following are my most recommended list:

a) Best all around for Why Be Frum and WHat It Means To Be Frum, required reading for everyone: Rabbi Avigdor Miller's Rejoice O Youth, Awake My Glory, and Sing You Righteous.

b) Best for proofs to the Torah: Rabbi Lawrence Kelleman's Permission to Believe and Permission to Receive, and AIsh HaTorah's Discovery seminar manual.

c) Best for answers to contemporary Hashkofo questions, such as Tonik SHenishbah, Zionism, our relationship to evil doers, etc. Rav Elchonon Wasserman's Kovetz Maamarim. They just put out a new enhanced version. Get it.

d) Best Classic for analysizng Judaism, the purpose of each component of our religion (Laws, Avos, Bechirah, etc.) - the Ramchal's Derech Hashem. They have it in english, The Way of G-d.

e) The Best classic for understanding Hashgocho, how Hashem works in the world, why the world has to be so messed up, etc. - The Ramchal's Daas Tevunos. The Knowing Heart in English. This is a bit more advanced.

f) The Best classic on understanding yourself - your soul, your needs, etc. Also a tremendous amount about understanding Shabbos - Shem Mishmuel on Chumash.

g) The Best advice on self-improvement and how to go up in levels for teenagers: CHovas HaTalmidim by Rav Kloynumus Kalman SHapira of Warsaw and Piasetzne. In english, The Student's Obligation, by Aronson Press.

For the Russian Seforim, I suggest you contact SHoroshim on Coney Island AVenue in Brooklyn, NY. They keep track of that kind of material and they can help you find what you are looking for.

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