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HALACHA-----clothing and chukas akum

In a lesson on tznius, Rabbi Nachum Sauer stated that it is prohibited to dress like the goyim. Unfortunately he didn't really get into what that means. Can someone explain what makes a style goyish? Are there any specific examples you can give?

Any clothing of the Goyim that has an element of Pritzus - even a small element - is prohibited under Chukas Akum.

There are those who say that even if the clothing of the Goyim are as Tzniusdik as Jewish clothing, we still have to wear some article of clothing that shows that we are Jews.

There are others who say that even if there is no element of Pritzus, as long as we got the idea to wear it from the Goyim, it is prohibited. it would be permitted if we decided on our own to wear it, independent of the fact that the Goyim do.

If the Jews in a certain place unfortunately ended up wearing clothing of the non-Jews, there are those who hold that although it came about in a prohibited fashion, now that the Jews are wearing that clothing it becomes permitted to someone who moves into that place to wear that clothing, since now it is the clothing of the Jews.

Wearing a Yarmulke, for instance, even though it may have originated as a Chumrah, nowadays, since it distinguishes Jews from Goyim, there are those who say it becomes prohibited Min haTorah not to wear it.

I feel so dumb asking this....but what the heck does Pritzus mean?

It was dumb for me not to translate -- it was smart for you to ask.

"Pritzus" is something like "unseemliness" or "inappropriateness". It is the opposite of Tznius.

Tight, provocative (even the slightest bit provocative), or sexy clothing is Pritzus. In this context, it means if the Goyim came up with a fashion that is less Tzniusdik in any way from that which Jews wear, that would be Chukas Akum.

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