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GOLUS-----how to survive

Lo l'hisgaros b'umos - Do NOT confront the nations of the world. Be subservient to them, accept their yoke, do their will, do not defy their demands, do not say "NO" to their wishes, and do NOT attract attention to yourselves.

The only way to survive with your head in the lion’s mouth is to make sure the lion does not get annoyed with your head there. As soon as he gets annoyed, its curtains. The best thing you can do is not be noticed.
As Rav Elchonon Wassermann put it: To the extent that the nations do not pay attention to us, we are safe. To the extent that we are the focus of attention of the nations, we are in danger.

We are in enemy territory in Golus. Our job is to lay low, accept any casualties that may tragically occur, but wait for Hashem to rescue us. If we defy our orders and make like we are a nation like all nations - with an army, a State, demands, territory etc - we will be left on our own, to be hunted down and killed by the wolves c"v.

Just like an assimilated Jew will be subject to anti-Semitism in order to remind him that he is a Jew - he cant change that - so too the sheep (Jews in Golus) who try to make like a wolf (be a nation among the nations) will be reminded that he is a sheep, and the nations are the wolves. Rachmana Latzlan.

This is the only way for us to accomplish our mission in this world. We brought this upon ourselves. We are behind enemy lines and our job is to lay low and "plant" sparks of holiness around the world so that when Moshiach comes those sparks will erupt in a conflagration of spiritual energy that will bring the Ultimate Victory - Acharis Hayamim.
Eretz Yisroel is holy. It still is. But it no longer serves our purpose of a homeland.

Going back to it as a nation - for individuals may (and maybe should) live there, under the sovereignty of other nations - is like the Jews trying now, to move back into a house the bank foreclosed on you years ago. Two thousand years ago. We had a choice. We chose sinas chinam over Eretz Yisroel and the Landlord kicked us out. And now we wander like sheep. The solution is to lay low until the shepherd comes and blows our enemies away.

Our job vis a vis the situation in EY today is to protect the lives of the Jews there. Not to protect the land. One Jewish life is worth more than all the land in the world. A thousand people would violate Shabbos to save one Jewish life - even if it were merely a doubt of danger. Our most prized possession, to say the least, is a Jewish life.

Whatever it takes to save and to protect the lives of Jews in EY must be done, whatever the cost in terms of territory or national humiliation. One Jew is worth it.

The only question is, what does that entail? The problem is, those privy to the information that can help us make the decision - the politicians and the high government officials - c\do not share this agenda, and they cannot be relied upon to convey the reality to us.

That leaves us with one real option: To turn to Hashem. To pray to the shepherd as lost sheep, begging Him to help us.
There is no other choice.

Ain lanu al mi l'hashan ele avinu shebashamayim.

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