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FACTIONS-----reform "judaism"

The problem is, although Reform calls itself "Judaism", it isn't. It's just Judaism wannabe. It is a break-off religion that calls itself Judaism, a lot like Messianic Judaism (Jews for Jesus). But their form of worship, like Jews for Jesus, is not Judaism.

In fact, going form Christianity to Reform is probably going further away from Judaism than going towards it.

Christianity mandates belief in G-d. Reform Judaism does not. Christianity believes in the wrong Messiah, Reform believes in no messiah.

Christianity agrees that homosexuality and other forms of abomination are undesirable. Reform allows this wanton behavior even in their "rabbis".

So here's the deal. If you're Jewish, you don't need a conversion. If you're not, by converting to Reform you aren't accepting Judaism. (In addition, Reform conversions are invalid according to real Judaism).

So if you convert to reform Judaism, no matter how you cut it, you will remain whatever you are now - Jew or Christian.

Better find out if you are truly Jewish (based on maternal lineage) and if you are, learn about Judaism (the kind the Torah endorses, not reform). If you need any help, just holler. There's lots of help out there for ppl who want to learn.

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