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CHIZUK-----how to cultivate emotion for

PinteleYid Posted - 26 December 2000 23:28

Additionally, how can one get himself to feel gung-ho strong into a Jewish way of life, with all the logic, he needs emotion, how does one cultivate this emotional drive for love and fear of mitzvos?

MODERATOR Posted - 26 December 2000 23:58

Your question about the shitos we do not hold like was asked by you already. It was answered in Basic Judaism / Torah the only way.

As far as emotion goes, you are correct. Logic is not enough. Involving your kishkas in Judaism is a career in itself. It involves creating a relationship with Hashem. Think in terms of "If my father was a holocaust survivor, would I brandish a Nazi swastika in my room? So, too, hashem, my creator Who gives me life every moment of the day, hates pritzus, so how can I have inappropriate literature in my room?"

Think, when you make a Brachah, in terms of thanking Hashem for the food that He created for you.

Think, when you say Birchas HaShachar in the morning, in terms of thanking Hashem for each item you make a Brachah on.

Matir Asurim: He let you live in a free country.

Zokef Kefufim: He allows you to be whole and healthy.

Pokeach Ivrim: he gave you sight. Color vision, even.

If you get used to understanding the meaning behind what you are saying and doing, you will see that you really have a close relationship with Hashem. That eventually becomes very emotional.

I would also suggest that you get a hold of a sefer, called Chovas HaTalmidim, by Rav Klonimus Kalman Shapiro, the Piasetzna Rebbe, and Rav of the Warsaw ghetto. They also have it in English, "The Student's Obligation", by Aronson Publishers. It discusses this topic in there, and it is made specifically for students.

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