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MUSIC, MOVIES & TV-----jewish music (VI)

Again, which artists are these that put out this ethnically pure Jewish music you keep referring to?

As I said before, today's music is very foreign-influenced. The best we can get today is a song that helps you better feel or think about the words being sung, or the mood that is appropriate at the time (such as simcha - not holelus - at a wedding, or deveikus during kedusha). It doesn't depend so much on the artist, but on the song. It is the characteristics of a song, rather than the composer, that I feel would qualify it.

The reason I like Shlomo Carlebach's songs is that (a) the tune is always appropriate for the words, (b) he would not change the mood of a tune even if he knew that "misdirecting" the tune a bit would enhance sales (I know this as a fact), (c) none of his songs use the enhancement of grunts, or distorted, angry sounding pronunciation of words, (d) he did not put out songs because he wanted to make a record; he made a record because he had songs.

The Chasidishe melodies, and some others, share those or many of those qualities.

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