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MUSIC, MOVIES & TV-----jewish music (IV)

Ok i dont understand this. everybody is saying that jewish music, the fast tunes, don't fit with the words. if all jewish music decided to fit with the words, all we'd have is slow, mournful music.

Who wants to listen to slow music all the time? ppl always tell me "jewish music is all the same." but there's so much variety, ESPECIALLY music like shlock rock and metallica. Those are the kinds of music that ppl might stop their bleep music (that crazy stuff) and listen to jewish music for, bec it reminds them of their music, except it's jewish.

If we didnt have any wild tunes or copys of nonjewish music, so many ppl wouldnt listen.

I love jewish music bec it has every single type, rock, jazz, country... anything. so u can help ppl stop listening to that other stuff and help them find their "type" except if all jewish music turned into slow sloooow nice beautiful music nobody would listen!

It's not true that all real Jewish music is sad, not at all. There is nobody as happy as a real Jew, and nobody's music would express happiness like real Jewish music. Some words are happy and loud, some are serious, some are solemn, but none are sad. because Jews aren't supposed to be sad. There's a big difference.

It's a wonderful thing that this music that is sold in Jewish stores is better than the junk in Coconut, but that doesn't make it Jewish.

Listen, Christianity, the Rambam said, was a step up for the goyim because it took them away from atheism; and Islam is a step up from Christianity. But would you have any objection to saying that these religions are not really what the Torah is happy with? Even though they are improvements for some people, who would not otherwise improve.

So too, the "Chicken Dance", on Neginah's Dance album, is better than Gangsta Rap, but that still doesn't make it Jewish. And Shlock Rock may be better than Lil' Kim, but that doesn't make it an expression of the Jewish soul.

One more thing: It's vital, whenever you do listen to this "Well at least it's not Jeannie in a Bottle", you MUST not think that it is what Jewish music is suppsoed to be. Don't allow the Satan to tell Hashem, "Well at least the people who listen to CHristina AUguilera KNOW that it's not Jewish music. These people are taking Your (Hashem's) expressive soul music and saying that SHlock Rock is it!"

Don't go there. Listen to what you must, but don't fool yourself into thinking it is more holy than it really is.

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