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MISC-----bais yaakov movement

So, if Chazal really say not to teach women torah- how does that explain the bais yaakov movement?

The Bais Yaakov movement never permitted teaching girls Gemora or anything else that Chazal forbid us to teach them.

And not all Gedolim agreed with the BY movement; the Hungarians objected to the teaching of Rashi to girls (and certainly Rambans and Maharals) on the claim that that constitutes Torah shebal peh. Others said that since Rashi merely explains the pshuto shel mikrah - the simple meaning of the text, it would be considered Torah shebiksav in this sense.

However, even the Litvishe Gedolim have mentioned that the BY movement has often overstepped their bounds in the emphasis on Meforshim, sometimes crossing the line into things that may not be learned. Rav Shach ZTL writes in one of his letters that teaching girls Meforshim in depth would be assur because of this, (the problem is quantifying "in depth", which makes it easy to rationalize) and when a couple of seminary girls came to him to ask him to explain a Ramban or something to them, he replied that they should better spend their time delving into domestic arts.

Just as there are things that need to be improved in the Yeshiva system (such as their learning too slow, as Rav Shach, Rav Gifter, and others have often lamented to no avail), there are things that ought to be changed in the BY system. It is not the Gedolei Yisroel that created the curriculum that they use today.

Just look at this site: Girls who attend high-end BY schools have serious questions about basic Judaism, are confused about their commitment to religion, and possess precious little knowledge of Yesodiei Hayahadus. Aish HaTorah's Project Chazon has become wildly popular in the BY schools by virtue of the fact that they come in and teach basic emunah - the basics of the basics, like G-d exists, Judaism is the only correct religion, etc. - and the students lap up the material like malnourished children.

This is the material that was previously used for beginner baalei teshuva that is now being imported into the BY's. And they need to import it because the they are not equipped to provide it themselves.

But these same girls, who, if you were to ask them why Hashem cares if they're frum, will tell you they have no inkling, can successfully tell you the different opinions of how the Egel was formed, which Korbonos were brought for which aveiros, and whether the tzefardeah were frogs or alligators.

To the point where Roshei Yeshiva have endorsed that someone trained to educate beginning Baalei Teshuva should be invited to these high-end BY schools and teach the girls why they must be frum.

What's wrong with this picture?

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