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ZIONISM / OATHS-----interdependency defense

The famous, failed "inter-dependency" Zionist wishful thinking about the Oaths is maybe the easiest of all Zionist claims to expose as a fraud. For a drush it's cute, but as Halachah it’s just ridiculous.

First, the comparison to all those Oaths you mentioned is silly. In all those cases, mutual Oaths were made, by party "a" for the benefit of party "b" and by "b" for the benefit of "a". So if "a" violates his oath which was supposed to benefit "b", then "b" can violate theirs. It's a simple concept of making a deal - I'll help you if you help me.

But the Oath that G-d gave us not to rebel against the Goyim was NOT for the sake of the Goyim, but for our OWN sake, that we don’t end Golus early. It says this in every single interpretation in the commentaries about the Oath. It was not for the sake of the Goyim but for us. So just because the Goyim violated their Oath and hurt us does not mean we can violate another one and hurt ourselves more!

But besides that there is no comparison between these Oaths and all the reciprocal Oaths found anywhere, the whole idea is disproved by even a cursory glance at our Seforim:

Shevet Efraim left Egypt in violation of the Oaths. Egypt surely violated their Oath when they tortured Jews for centuries. Yet Ephraim, Chazal say, were all hunted down and killed in the desert for violating their Oath by leaving Egypt early.

The Oaths are brought down l'halachah in Rishonim and Achronim as viable and very real. This, despite the fact that the Goyim have been violating their Oath for thousands of years.

The Rambam in Igeres Taimon warns the Jews not to violate the Oaths, or else. He writes there that the Jews are suffering an evil, persecuting government that commits atrocities and wars against the Jews, and therefore the Jews should watch out not to violate the Oath by rebelling against them. It's clear that even though the Goyim violate their Oath we cannot violate ours.

The Medrash Aichah says clearly that the Romans violated their Oath, yet the generation of Bar Kochba was punished Chazal say because they violated the Oaths.

The Maharal writes that even if the Goyim force us with torturous death to violate the Oath, we should rather submit to torturous death than violate them.

And the Gemora itself disproves the idea, since the Gemora says that the reason Chazal commanded us not to go from Bavel to Eretz Yisroel is due to the Oaths, even though Bavel violated their Oath for sure with the atrocities they committed during the Churban (The Shulchan Aruch writes that the Brachah of Vlamalshinim was enacted to praise Hashem for destroying the evil kingdom of Bavel).

The Gemora then asks on R. Zaira who says that the Oaths only include not taking Eretz Yisroel forcefully, but the Oath not to rebel against the nations is not included. The Gemora could easily have answered that Bavel violated their Oath and therefore our Oath of rebelling against them is null. But the Gemora says no such thing.

R. Avrohom Galanti (Zechus Avos) brings a story of the people of Portugal who wanted to defend themselves against the government by making a rebellion. The government then was making forced Shmad and all sorts of persecutions. They asked the "shem hameforash" and were told not to do it because it would violate the Oaths.

There is much more, but this is a sample (credit to the Satmar Rebbe ZTL in Vayoel Moshe I:75 for the above sources).

And besides all this, the second Oath, shelo yaalu b'chomah has nothing to do with the Goyim, and would not be dependent on the Goyim's Oath anyway.

The Maharal and R. Yonason Eyebushutz write that even if the Goyim give us permission to take Eretz Yisroel we are not allowed to do it. Better we should die than take Eretz Yisroel, the Maharal says.

What I wrote above is not rocket science. It's pretty obvious. Takes no genius or encyclopedic knowledge to understand it. Anyone who learns about the Oaths is immediately confronted with the reality, that the Goyim violate theirs but we still cannot violate ours.

It's just plain dishonesty that would make people come up with this.


Anonymous said...

i decided to write a pointless comment just so the blog author should know that his/her site is very useful for us "mod squaders" who arent in the mood of searching through all the forums on frumteens when we need info , thanx alot.

amolam said...

Not pointless at all! I really appreciate the feedback. Thank You!