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TORAH & SCIENCE-----evolution

Q: Isn’t it true that u can take both approaches.. be religious and a scientist, and believe in evolution??

For instance... cell reproduction occurs when one cell splits... and therefore there are two cells which become four and six and so on and so forth... but where did the first cell come from??? HASHEM!

So what about the theories that we come from monkeys or something? well... where did the monkeys come from? where did they obtain the ability to evolve? HASHEM!

A: The only reason they make came up with the theory that we came from monkeys is because they refuse to believe that we were created as men - so we had to come from somewhere. The only thing they could come up with is that we came slowly from monkeys - which came from lower life forms - which came from non-life forms - which came from simple molecules. And since this entire process is supposedly random and accident it can only happen after like gazillions of years (scientifically, however, there has not been enough time in the entire universe, even according ot them, for life to have developed).

They know that evolution is not a good theory - but it’s the best they got. And they only accept it - even as a mere theory -- because they have no alternative. Its not as if there is actually evidence that humans are somehow descendents of monkeys. It’s merely that "Well we had to come from somewhere!"So they are forced to accept evolution with all its holes and contradictions because they have no choice.

Once you do not want to accept the possibility of G-d creating the world, you have to come up with some alternative.But if you are a bit more open minded and willing to accept the possibility (we know it is a fact) that G-d created man, then why in the world would someone want to accept evolution?

It's like if the Amish people use candles because they refuse for some reason to use electricity (its just an analogy - they really do use electricity), would any regular person who does use electricity say to himself "Well, if they use candles I can too, so let me throw away my light bulbs and buy some candles."?

Its not as if there’s evidence for evolution and we need to reconcile that evidence with what we know; on the contrary - there’s no evidence to evolution and they are constantly trying to reconcile it with what they know are facts. The only reason they believe in evolution is not because of the "evidence" for it, but because they have no other choice. We did come about somehow, right? And that is the evolutionists' big problem.

And not all scientists believe in evolution. It’s inaccurate to make this a "science vs. religion:" issue -- many many scientists have said that evolution makes no sense, but since the alternative to evolution is only creation, they will stick to it anyway.It’s simply an issue of closed-mindedness, in the form of unwillingness to accept the possibility (which we know as fact) of creation.

...There is no question that a look at the world proves Hashem's existence. Take a poisonous snake for instance. Why doesnt the poison inside it poison the snake itself? Answer: The snake has some kinda protective sack that makes protects it from the poison.

Now, as the snake was developing (sic), which came first: The poison or the sack? If the poison, then snakes wouold have immediately become extinct, since they would have all poisoned itself. If the sack, then why would a sack develop and remain if there was no poison to protect it from?
Obvioiusly the poison and the sack had to come at the same time. And that can only happen through Hashem.

Thats just one example out of literally millions in nature. The so-called scientists have yet to figure it out. They should get a life.

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