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TALMUD TORAH-----kollel (r hirsch / r schwab)

No, Rav Scwab doesn’t say that. You are referring to a small booklet that Rav Schwab put out about 30 years ago called "These and Those" (Eilu V'Eilu), and was recently reprinted in one of his "Selected" series.

He says, as the name implies "ailu v'ailu divrei elokim chayim" - that there are those who hold that learning all day is best for the most amount of people, and others - like where he comes from - that Torah Im Derech Eretz is the ideal. He says both are legitimate.

However, elsewhere he questions what Rav SR Hirsch would say is the best approach today. He points out that when Rav SRH supported TIDE it was in a time when the rest of the world was learning all day.

In a world with a powerful, robust and healthy Torah-only majority, Rav SRH felt comfortable creating a TIDE community as well, to deal with needs that the Torah-Only camp could not. But where the Torah-Only world itself needs to be strengthened, would Rav Hirsch stress TIDE?
He doesn’t answer that question.

But Rav Hirsch wasn’t talking about working vs. learning. he was talking about whether it is useful to have secular knowledge, and if so how much, and why. Working vs. learning is a totally different issue, though related.

And there are clear statements in the Chazal, Rambam and SHulchan Aruch that nobody disagrees with, including Rav Hirsch or Rav Schwab, that learning all day is superior to working.

Even Mordechai, who had to close his Gemora to save Klall Yisroel during the Purim episode, the Gemora says went down in his level because he was busy saving Klall Yisroel instead of learning!!!

This does not mean that one should learn when Klall Yisroel is in danger. But rather, it would have been a big Zechus for Mordechai if Hashem would have chosen a different way to foil Haman's plan, one that did not involve him having to close his Gemora for a while.

But because of some imperfection in Mordechai, Hashem did not allow him to be Zocheh to learning all day as he wanted, but rather "forced" Mordechai to go out and save the world. It could have been a lot worse - Hashem could have forced Mordechai to close the Gemora and NOT save the world. But it could have been better. Mordechai could have been able to learn peacefully and not been recruited to save the world.

So if even Mordechai went down in madreigah because of having to learn less temporarily in order to save all of Klall Yisroel, imagine how much more learning all day is worth entire life selling cell phones, or practicing law...

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