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PERSONALITIES-----rebetzin bruanstein a"h

Rebitzen Braunstein was a very, very special woman. Everyone knows she was a tremendous melumedes - she taught halachah and hashkafa from a real Torah perspective for decades, made dozens of shiduchim, and among her students, there were a tremendously disproportionate amount of them within their community that married Kollel men, due to her influence.

But there was something that set Rebitzen Braunstein apart from other Rebitzens and other Melumodos, something that made her very exceptional and unique. And that is, that despite - no, because of! - her exceptional Torah knowledge, the thing that made her most proud, the thing that she valued more than anything else in the world, was the fulfillment of what Chazal said:

How do women merit Olam Habah? By waiting for their husbands while they are learning in the Bais Hamedrash, and sending their children off to learn Torah in Yeshiva.

The glorious role of the real Rebitzen that values the Torah of her husband and children more than anything else in the world, and who works with all her heart and strength and soul to that end - that was not only her greatest pride, but it came out between the lines in every single complex Torah lecture she ever gave.

Often times, a girl looks up to her rebitzen role model, admires her knowledge of the Maharals and ibn Ezras, and says to herself while hearing a lecture, "Wow. I'd love to be like her. To do that, I'll have to know a lot of Maharals and ibn Ezras".

With Rebitzen Braunstein, a girl looked up to her as a role model, was in awe of her knowledge of Maharals and ibn Ezras, and Radaks and Rashis, and said to herself while hearing a lecture, "Wow. I'd love to be like her. To do that, I'll have to do whatever I can to make sure my husband is a great Talmidei Chacham, and my home is a Mikdash Me'at."

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