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HASHEM-----noach lo shelo nivrah

Whatever Hashem does is good. Kol d'avid min shemaya l'tav avid. And since Hashem made you, therefore it must be good. Nothing to discuss.

The fact that Chazal say Baal Korchah atah nolad doesn’t impact on this at all -- all it means is that you would not have chosen to be born. But so what - lots of things that are Gam Zu L'Tovah, you would not have chosen had you been given the chance. But Hashem is smarter than us, and He knows better. So while it's true that you came to this world screaming and kicking, Hashem knows better, and like many things that are for our benefit whether we understand it or not, being born is a chesed for us.

Noach lo shelo nivrah, doesn’t mean Hashem chas v'sholom did something bad for us. Hashem never does such things - again, everything He does is for the best. And if He made us born, then that’s the best possible thing that could have happened to us.

The Maharsha explains that the Gemora means, since there are more prohibitions (lo saasehs) than positive Mitzvos (asehs), the odds are against us. But you have to look at the rest of the Gemora's statement which most people don’t bother quoting: "but now that he is in this world, let him control his actions".

This means, that indeed, if we were robots or dice who are at the whims of chance and odds, we would be in trouble. But since we are able to choose on our own through bechirah what we do and don’t do, we can control the situation, and beat the odds.

Its like someone who buys a lottery ticket - the odds are against him - but imagine if he had bechirah to decide which number wins! That changes the whole story. That is what the Gemora is saying --- we have the odds against us, but through bechirah we can overcome them. It's up to us.

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